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Full Facility Management

When your association hires Aquatica to fully manage your facility, your members can relax, knowing we take care of everything from the toilet paper to the workers compensation insurance for our employees. This full service option may include the following:


  • Red Cross Certified Lifeguards: Our management team handles the recruiting, hiring, record keeping, training and scheduling of all employees. We also take care of all payroll, associated payroll taxes, workers compensation and general liability insurance. Lifeguards will be stationed at a "home pool," where they will do a majority of their work. This allows our lifeguards the opportunity to become very familiar with the "ins & outs" of your pool as well as develop a relationship with your patrons.

  • Pool Attendants: Aquatica can provide employees to act as facility monitors. These attendants help keep the facility clean, check patrons in and out of the pool, test water chemistry and enforce general swimming pool rules.

  • Pool Cleaning & Maintenance: In addition to regular staff members at your pool, a Certified Pool Operator will visit your pool multiple times a week to fully clean, inspect and make any needed repairs to the pool or equipment. Learn more about our cleaning and maintenance service HERE.

  • Automated Water Management: To ensure safety for your residents, all Aquatica swimming pools are monitored by automated chemical controllers which are constantly reading the water chemistry and dispensing sanitizing chemicals as needed to always maintain ideal water chemistry conditions.

  • Weekly Supervisor Visits: While we are confident our lifeguards and pool attendants will do a fantastic job, each managed facility can expect multiple weekly visits from a full time staff member to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. When supervisors visit a facility, they fill out an evaluation report on their tablet or smart phone, allowing our management team to receive real-time reports!


As a full service swimming pool management company, there isn't anything Aquatica cannot do for your community. Large facility or small neighborhood swimming pool, we're ready to make sure your community has fun in the sun!

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